Our strategic project marketing team provide a bespoke service to satisfy our client’s objectives.

The Land Sterling Project Sales and Marketing service deploys world class systems and approaches in real estate sales and marketing giving developers the optimum results. Our sales and marketing team are well trained and experienced. We make sure every team member is well educated on the project they handle and how to deliver it to the client. Our real estate CRM streamlines the workflow making sure every lead is properly registered, nurtured and converted. 

Our real estate services are not a one-one business relationship with individual departments and clients. We have integrated our services so that our clients are served and guided through every turn on the road to development, from market study to project sales and marketing, from investment advisory to property valuation and management, taking out the strenuous and time consuming stages in the real estate business.


Abdulkarem Bawazir

Director Of Business Development

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Custom Project Marketing Services in KSA

At Land Sterling, we have a meticulous sales and marketing team ready to initiate and execute project marketing campaigns for you. We equip the team with all relevant knowledge about you and your project, ensuring they never miss bringing your unique ideas to life. 

We tailor each marketing campaign to fit your specific needs. Each strategy will consider your target audience and preferred timeframe, among other factors. Our financial due diligence service will aid in creating appropriate budget plans to keep the marketing costs in check without sacrificing results.

Strategic Project Marketing Services in KSA

At Land Sterling, we recognize the importance of having a solid marketing strategy, including strategic marketing and real state marketing, in place to help businesses succeed in the highly competitive market of Saudi Arabia. Our team of experienced marketers and strategists is dedicated to creating comprehensive and effective marketing plans tailored to meet the unique needs and goals of each client.

We begin by conducting thorough market research and analysis to identify key trends and opportunities in your industry. Based on this data, we develop a customized marketing strategy that is designed to help you reach your target audience and achieve your business objectives.


Why Choose Our Strategic Marketing Services?

For the past 12 years, we have developed, surveyed, and managed over 10,000 properties in the Middle East, Africa, and Europe. We are recognised by the big four auditing firms in the Middle East. We comply with real estate guidelines the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors outlined. 

Our sales and strategic marketing team dedicates time and resources to creating attention-grabbing marketing campaigns that engage buyers. They receive rigorous training in emerging market trends and practices, and their research abilities are unmatched in the industry. Rest assured, your project will be in great hands. 

Our Project Marketing Services Include

  • Customer Relation Management (CRM) services
  • Digital marketing services
  • Interactive websites
  • Direct human marketing services
  • On-site marketing services
  • Property mapping services

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If you’re convinced that we’re the best for you, contact us today to get a quote for the best strategic project marketing services.


A project marketing manager plans, manages, and executes strategies concerning a marketing project. They select members of the sales team and assign tasks to them. They see to it that they achieve the end goal of the marketing project.
Project management is the planning and executing of a project to meet set targets. It involves budgeting, consolidating resources, and mitigating risks. Project management has five stages: initiation, planning, execution, control, and closure. After completing the last stage, we submit the project to the client. Project marketing is the seeking of interested buyers to purchase a developed project. A developer gathers resources to build a scheme, then hands it over to a real estate firm like Land Sterling to find another party to purchase it. It is up to the real estate firm to develop marketing strategies, vet buyers, and finalise sales.
Marketing as a practice exists for the following reasons to capture the attention of your target audience. It also aims to educate prospective customers about how you will solve their needs and offer an easy action for customers to take.
Examples of marketing strategies are selecting a target market, allocating a marketing budget, establishing a market presence, offering impressive perks, and investing in high-quality media. They influence the audience you attract and retain.
Project Marketing Project Marketing

Trained and experienced sales team

At Land Sterling, we believe in our sales team, in their approach, confidence and how well they connect and nurture the relationships. We achieve this by a well-defined training programme where our new sales agents goes through stages of training by experts from who are mighty knowladgeable in the Saudi Real Estate market, transforming them into professional real estate agents who can confidently deal with any given project. Every agent will be thoroughly briefed and trained on any new project in hand enabling them to present the project USPs  and features to potential buyers to help maximum conversion rates.

Project Marketing Project Marketing

Land Sterling CRM

Achieve faster and easier sales with Land Sterling CRM! As a developer, landlord or owner you can now manage and update property information, streamline sales procedures and can take care an entire range of dynamic tools to revolutionize the sales process.

Digital Marketing

  • SEM
  • Programmatic Marketing
  • Website Landing Page
  • Social Media Channels
  • Digital User Journey
  • Videos
  • VR Walkthrough
Project Marketing Project Marketing
Project Marketing Project Marketing

The Digital Property Journey

We develop exclusive landing pages for every project we handle. Our digital team design and develop 2D and 3D structure mapping of the project. So user can have virtual interaction and make a choice of his own. Each unit in the journey will be integrated directly with Land Sterling CRM System.

Project Marketing Project Marketing
Project Marketing Project Marketing

Interactive Website

  • Easy to use search module to find desired type of unit.
  • Dynamic & Interactive 3D floorplans where the buyer can select individual units browing through blocks, buildings, floors and units. This will help to create solid leads.
  • Interactive 360 VR walkthough video of the demo unit.
  • Registration and ‘request a call back’ forms for users to generate leads.
  • Payment Plan
  • E-brochure
  • SEO
Project Marketing Project Marketing

Direct Marketing

  • Tele Marketing
  • Email Campaign
  • Face-to-Face Meetings
  • Promoting through aliated banks to finance seekers
  • Online real estate market places
  • Trade Shows

On-Site Marketing

  • Furnished Demo Unit 
  • Sales Offce
  • Print Media
  • Yard Sign
  • Flags & Lights
  • Hand Over Cermony
Project Marketing Project Marketing
Project Marketing Project Marketing

Market your project with us

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