Land Sterling | KSA Network of Professionals

Network of Professionals is Land Sterling’s business insignia for all its team members giving high regard to every team member’s level of expertise and as a true master of his craft.

To date, we comprise of:
Land Sterling | KSA Network of ProfessionalsRiyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
Land Sterling | UAE Network of ProfessionalsDubai, United Arab Emirates; Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
Land Sterling | UK Network of ProfessionalsLondon, United Kingdom
Land Sterling’s Network of Professionals is distinguished for our team members’ combined significant years of experience in local and regional real estate, investments, business assets, and consultancy; impressive regional reach and connections; and local expertise.

Saudization and training programme

We believe there are decision makers in every level of our organization. Employees are provided training from the new hire phase and it is an ongoing process at Land Sterling bridging any gap in skills to the employees perform well and enjoy what they are doing which in turn will increase productivity and make sure our employees are happy working with us. In support of the Saudi Vision 2030, and its related call for diversification of youth employment opportunities in the Saudi private sector, Land Sterling | KSA is constantly developing recruitment initiatives and learning opportunities for young Arabs across the region. Saudi nationals who want to pursue a career with us can discover more by applying in the new openings page. Work With Us
Work With Us
Work With Us

Exceptional Opportunities
Our Network of Professionals benefit from:

  • Full-time attachment with a career growth map
  • Continuing professional development and corporate training programs
  • Opportunity to work with our regional and affiliate offices
  • Niche career in various fields such as real estate consultancy, property management, project management, global relations, business administration, and marketing communications
  • Positive work environment with approachable management
  • Corporate standards that attest to an elevated status of your professional credential

We offer opportunities to learn and be challenged, and we reward excellence. The result: a company that we all can be proud of.


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Saudi Arabia’s ambitious tourism drive

Work With Us

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Work With Us

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