The kingdom’s healthcare sector demands big investments

The privatization of hospitals would provide government and national benefits and help to speed up decision-making, reduce the government’s annual health-care spending, generate additional revenue for the Ministry Of Health, and improve health-care facilities.

Report Highlights

The government is looking for private-sector hospitals that specialize in long-term care to refer their patients who need long-term care. In the extended care sector, there are substantial prospects for real estate investors and developers, but realizing these prospects will need increased collaboration and service integration among industry players.

….NEOM will be a modern nexus for this critical practice and extensive study, with an emphasis on next-generation gene therapy, genomics, stem cell development, Nano biology, and bioengineering, as well as recruiting talent to research, grow, and apply new technology.


Dr. Ali Al-Tuckmachy

Managing Director, MEDHIVE


  • Healthcare
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