The Land Sterling Property Management division has a combined global experience of over 100 years in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. We have strong understanding of local rules and regulations in Saudi Arabia and we understand landlord and tenant requirements.

We see property management as the art of protecting the investment cycle of our clients’ assets. We ensure that their portfolios perform at maximum capacity.

Property Management Experts in KSA

Property management involves a third-party contractor overseeing the daily operations of residential, commercial, or industrial real estate. Property managers are generally in charge of daily repairs as well as ongoing maintenance, security, and ongoing maintenance of properties. 

They are typically employed by the owners of property investments such as apartment and condominium complexes, private residences, organizations, shopping centers, and business estates.

Best Property Management Company in KSA

At Land Sterling, we believe that property management is an art used in preserving the investment cycle of our client’s assets. Due to this, we ensure that their portfolios operate at peak efficiency.

In addition, over the past 100 years, Land Sterling has had a combined global experience with the best property management companies. We have a strong network of contacts in the real estate industry from the Middle East, Europe, and North Africa.

Our Services Include

  • Property Management Services
  • Facilities Management Supervision
  • MEP Services Supervision
  • Soft Services Supervision
  • Real Estate Marketing

Benefits of Property Management Services

Based on the number of properties you own, as well as your work and personal obligations, managing your real estate can rapidly become both time and financially draining. Below are some of the benefits of property management services.

Tenants Screening

Screening tenants can help reduce vacancies and lost rent on your estate. You can reduce the vacancy likelihood by only renting to qualified tenants.

Facilities Supervision

One advantage of having effective property management skills is ensuring tenants live in a safe and healthy environment. This, in turn, facilitates effective supervision.

Soft Services Supervision

Soft services supervision, while considered non-essential, are crucial in nurturing a well-run workplace. They have a direct impact on variables such as job satisfaction and productivity. Viewing them as investments in a more productive, functional workplace rather than perks or extraneous costs is critical.

Increased Rent Collection

Several property management companies accept credit card payments and cash. This has to lead to a huge increase in rent collection as tenants have a wide range of payment options.

Higher ROI

A property manager has defined channels for locating good tenants. They are well-versed in direct marketing, understanding where to invest your advertising budget and what could not be worth the expense. This, in turn, leads to a higher ROI for your investment property.

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Property management is the supervision of real estate by a third party, typically a professional real estate manager or property management company firm. Property managers can oversee various properties, from residential to commercial buildings, and are commonly used by property owners, including property management companies in Saudi Arabia.

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Yes. Property management regulations are a major concern for property managers in all areas and sectors. Failure to comply with property management regulations can result in fines, the dissolution of a business, and other federal sanctions that limit a real estate owner’s ability to do business.
A property manager is responsible for preventing losses for the owner by drafting appropriate lease agreements.
Inspections of rental properties are an essential part of property management. This is because the property is the investment, hence keeping it in good condition is critical.
Property management ensures the safety of other tenants. You are in charge of screening applications and avoiding suspicious tenants from obtaining a lease.

Our Property Mangement & FM services include

Property Management Property Management

Property Management

  • Tenant Screening
  • Rent Agreement
  • Tenant Check-In
  • Rent Collection
  • Vacancy Management
  • Legal Matters
  • Expired Leases
Property Management Property Management
FM Supervision
  • Facilities Management
  • Maintenance Requests
  • Vendor Management
  • Inspections
  • Security Services
  • Utilities Payments
  • Fit Out Management
Property Management Property Management
MEP Services Supervision
  • HVAC Maintenance
  • Electrical Services
  • Plumbing & Drainage
  • Fire Alarm & Fire Fighting
  • Water Heaters & Pumps
  • Lift Maintenance
  • Access Control
  • Surveillance Systems
Property Management Property Management
Soft Services Supervision
  • Pest Control
  • Internal Cleaning
  • Security
  • Landscaping
  • Glass Cleaning
  • Swimming Pool Cleaning

What makes us different?

Property Management Property Management

Energy Saving Solutions

We offer a full range of energy-efficient solutions that focus on the key elements of a building, such as HVAC, controls & automations, lighting as well as the pumps and motors. Our ultimate goals are to drive down costs, reduce the environmental impact, and meet the unique needs of our clients.

CRM & Use of Technology

We use state of the art Client Relationship Management software where we control all aspects of the asset whether its for leasing, marketing, booking, logging maintenance requests or even financial management.
Property Management Property Management
Property Management Property Management

Owners & Tenants Portal

We provide our clients with an online platform and mobile apps allowing owners to access reports on demand and tenants to register maintenance requests through their own dedicated portal.

Monthly Reports

We issued monthly report highlighting preventive maintenance activities, corrective work orders as well as ongoing and completed tasks. The report includes financial data on material and labor costs along with the monthly invoices.
Property Management Property Management
Property Management Property Management

FM Supervision

We provide supervision of facility management of operation, corrective and preventive maintenance work for residential, commercial and industrial facilities. Our facility management team has the knowledge and expertise, processes and technologies that ensures the facility management meets international standards.

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