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Saudi Arabia to highlight sustainability successes during G20 Development Ministerial Meeting

RIYADH: Minister of Economy and Planning Faisal bin Fadel Al-Ibrahim will lead a senior Saudi delegation at the G20 Development Ministerial Meeting in Indonesia on Thursday, the Saudi Press Agency reported on Wednesday.

The two-day high-level forum, on the island of Belitung, is described as offering a platform for development ministers from G20 nations to reinvigorate the spirit of multilateralism and renew the momentum behind the UN’s 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

They will also review the progress that has been made on plans and commitments agreed during the first Development Ministerial Meeting in Matera, Italy, last year.

“Saudi Arabia remains committed to advancing practical and collaborative solutions that would enable developed and developing economies alike to make tangible progress toward achieving the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) agenda,” Alibrahim said ahead of the meeting.

“We must take this moment to raise the bar on our sustainable development and strengthen global systems by improving public health care infrastructure, enabling inclusive digital transformations, and safeguarding global food and energy security, as well as protecting the environment, investing in the energy system of today and exploring greener, cleaner fuels for the future.”

The Kingdom’s delegation will highlight Saudi Arabia’s unwavering commitment to driving sustainable development, locally and globally, through its agile approach to policy-making across all economic, social and environmental sectors.

With less than a decade left during which to achieve the aims of the UN’s SDGs, Alibrahim will showcase Saudi Arabia’s progress so far in achieving sustainable economic growth, social welfare and prosperity, environmental protection, and an inclusive digital transformation as part of the Saudi Vision 2030 national development and diversification agenda.

He will also stress the importance of safeguarding global energy security by ensuring access to reliable and sustainable sources of power.

He praised the efforts of the Indonesian government, which holds the presidency of the G20 for 2022, in organizing the group’s meetings this year and added: “We look forward to deepening relations with our partners to enhance global cooperation in our endeavors to achieve the SDGs.”

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