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Land Sterling is a seasoned real estate strategic consultancy firm in KSA assisting property owners, developers, and occupiers with their real estate strategy needs. We provide state-of-the-art real strategies for real estate investment and development projects to enhance the ROI.

Our innovative real estate investment and management strategies are aimed at helping clients meet their long-term goals. We develop effective real estate strategies based on market research and behaviour analysis.  

Land Sterling aspires to provide sustainable real estate strategies to owners and investors in Saudi Arabia. We handle the complete strategy development and execution process to ensure the successful completion of real estate endeavours.


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Head Of Valuations & Advisory

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Professional Strategic Consulting Firm in Saudi Arabia

We have a team of RICS-certified real estate strategic consultancy experts who use strategic consultation to find suitable investment, development, and financial strategies for clients in KSA. We are a RERA-regulated firm to help clients meet their real estate investment and development aspirations in record time.

Through 13+ years of industry experience, we offer strategic consultancy that brings value to our clients. Our holistic research approach combined with proven strategy development systems enables us to deliver an exceptional quality of services in terms of strategic consultancy. 

Importance of Strategic Consulting Services

Strategic consulting services involve conducting thorough research and due diligence regarding real estate decisions. The due diligence phase facilitates the development of the real estate strategy as per the current state of the client’s property portfolio and future goals.

Strategic consulting firms’ services minimise the risk when making real estate investments. These services inform you of the right real estate investment strategies along with a plan of action that you can follow to drive positive results.

At Land Sterling, we handle the complete strategy development and execution process to ensure the successful completion of real estate endeavours. Our services are tailored to meet the unique needs of each client and include the following:

Market Research & Demand Forecasting

We provide clients with insights into market trends and demand patterns. We look at how the market is doing and tell our clients how to be in the best position to take advantage of new opportunities and stop alarming trends.

Highest & Best Use Analysis

We analyse market demand, zoning regulations, and other factors to determine the best use of the property and provide clients with recommendations on maximising their ROI.

Feasibility Studies

If you want to invest in real estate, our feasibility studies can help determine whether it’s a good idea. We do a complete economic, financial, and technical feasibility analysis of the project so our clients can make smart investment decisions.

Due Diligence

The goal is to help customers figure out the financial, legal, and operational risks of real estate investments they want to make. We work with our customers to pinpoint areas of vulnerability and create actionable plans to keep them safe.

Market Analysis 

The objective of conducting a market analysis is to educate customers about the industry’s prevailing trends and demand patterns. We assist clients in developing profitable strategies by analysing market data for opportunities and threats.

Financial Assessment

Our services include helping customers determine how much their project investment is worth and suggesting ways to lower risk and make more money.

Techno-Economic Viability Studies

The purpose of conducting techno-economic viability studies is to help clients evaluate the practicality of their real estate investment proposals from both a technical and financial perspective. As a result, we are in a better position to assess the project’s merits and draw out plans to maximise our client’s return on investment.

Investment Risk Monitoring Services

Our clients can rest easy knowing we will monitor their real estate investment projects with our investment risk monitoring services. We help our clients determine what risks they might face and devise ways to deal with them.


Implementation Strategy

Our consulting services on implementation strategies are meant to help our clients bring their real estate investment and development projects to life. We help our clients with project management and the execution of their strategies.

Master Planning

We are all about educating our clients on maximising the value of their property holdings. It means making all-inclusive plans and considering zoning laws, consumer demand, and other factors.

Benchmarking Analysis

We show our clients how their assets stack up against those of other companies in the same field and offer suggestions for making them more profitable.

Location Strategy

A successful real estate investment endeavour begins with a well-thought-out location strategy. We assist clients in calculating the risks and rewards of various geographic options and formulating plans to optimise their return on investment.

Entry & Exit Strategies

When we work with clients, we help them determine the risks and potential returns of different markets and develop ways to maximise their investments.

Lease Advisory

Our expertise in lease negotiations and management allows us to assist our clients in securing better lease terms.

At Land Sterling, we pride ourselves on our professionalism and dedication to our clients. We are committed to providing our clients the best service and support and are always available to answer questions or provide guidance.Request a callback today and learn more about how we can help you maximise your ROI and achieve your long-term goals.

Frequently Asked Questions

Real estate strategy consultants conduct a feasibility and viability analysis for the proposed solutions to ensure they match your long-term results. These professionals offer advice regarding real estate projects to minimise risks and maximise profit margins.

The cost of strategy consulting services varies depending on the nature and scope of the project. Real estate strategy consultants work closely with their clients to provide a customised approach that fits their budget and maximises their return on investment.

Real estate strategy consulting is focused on developing effective real estate strategies to enhance profit margins, while management consulting helps businesses improve their operational efficiency. Both consulting services can work hand in hand to optimise business performance, but they address different needs in the real estate industry.

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Best strategy consulting firm in Saudi Arabia

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