Best Building Innovation Solutions in KSA

Land Sterling offers top-of-the-line Building Innovation Solutions (BIS) to commercial and residential properties in KSA to help create a smart built environment. We explore, identify, and source innovative technology solutions that help optimize facility management tasks and build operational efficiency. 

We aim to facilitate the migration from a conventional built environment to a smart built environment for residential and commercial facilities. We work hand in hand with our clients to determine their requirements and recommend custom technological solutions that deliver long-term, sustainable results. 

AI-Driven Solutions for Building & Infrastructure Sector

The use of AI-driven technologies in the building and infrastructure sector has revolutionised the FM processes. Land Sterling has a team of technology experts who collaborate with tech giants in KSA to determine efficient and cost-saving alternatives for already established business operations. 

We are a leading real estate solutions provider in Saudi Arabia with a focus on technology integration in FM processes. Our innovative, AI-driven solutions deliver a high return on investment while being pocket-friendly at the same time. 

Our AI-based technology solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of our clients. We provide real-time solutions to our clients with services ranging from robotic support, early system failure prediction, AI-based energy-saving solutions, and more.

Why Choose Our Services?

Custom Building Innovation Solutions

Every facility is different in terms of its technological needs. A commercial facility is going to require a different smart built environment as compared with a residential or a healthcare facility. Our expert building service consultants consider the requirements of each facility to come up with custom building innovative solutions. 

Energy & Efficiency Improvement

We use AI-driven systems and technologies to decrease energy expenditure while optimising it along the way. We streamline the flow of energy through the latest technology to help save energy costs. 

Building a Smart Built Environment

Land Sterling provides facility management consultancy services to turn every conventional facility in KSA into a smarter one with technology at its core. The use of technology helps create a more productive environment that delivers great results for an extended amount of time.

Building Innovation Solutions for Real Estate Market in KSA

Land Sterling’s BIS division is the leading building innovative solutions service in KSA with a sole focus on making buildings and facilities smarter. We come up with and deploy custom technology solutions that create a safer, more efficient, and more productive living space in a facility. 

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The integration of technology in real estate helps property owners make smarter management decisions while enhancing productivity at the same time.
The real estate industry offers software that helps property owners with things such as marketing to leasing as well as managing property maintenance. This makes life easier for property managers and investors.
Innovation in property development refers to the use of the latest tools, technologies, and software applications to streamline and optimise the development process.
AI in real estate helps property owners, developers, and real estate agents get access to property values, predict debt levels, come up with home renovation solutions, and create custom real estate solutions for property owners in record time.

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