Best Snagging & Handover Management Services in KSA

Land Sterling offers snagging and handover management services in KSA to help facilitate a smooth transition of a building from one phase to another. The transition can be between contractor to a developer, the developer to buyer, or the buyer to seller. 

We have a team of certified professionals who conduct a thorough building analysis and provide building services consultancy to ensure that it is ready for the transition. Our snagging and building inspections team finds snags/defects in a building that need to be fixed before the transition. 

Once we have identified the snags and they have been eliminated, we handle the legal and regulatory aspects of the handover process. We manage the entire handover process on your behalf to ensure that the process goes ahead without any problems.

RICS-Certified Snagging Experts

Snagging is a crucial step before property handover. A snag is a minor or major technical or structural defect present in a building that might affect its market value. Our snagging experts analyze your building and look for the snags so that you can get rid of them before starting the handover process. 

We conduct a thorough inspection for snags and create a snagging list consisting of the repair or maintenance tasks that are needed to be done. Our RICS-accredited chartered surveyors specialize in conducting thorough building inspections as per international standards. 

The goal of our snagging & handover management services is to offer expert consultation throughout the property handover process. We aspire to help our clients with expertise, competence, and integrity in making the right calls when it comes to undertaking a property transition.  

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Our Snagging & Handover Management Services

  • Property Handover and Takeover Management
  • Snagging and Inspections
  • Customer Orientation and dues collection
  • Authority coordination for transfer of title deeds
  • Managing the handover process between the construction team & operations team
  • Transition management from contractor to FM service provider
  • Witnessing of testing and commissioning activities
  • Handover Snagging
  • Verification of handover documents
  • OLP management
  • QA/QC Inspections

Professional Snagging & Handover Management in KSA

Our RICS-certified snagging and handover management specialists at Land Sterling offer reliable inspection and management services for commercial and residential real estate in KSA. With 14+ years of experience in the real estate market, we have acquired the knowledge and resources to effectively manage small or large-scale handover management projects, as well as provide FM consultancy services.

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A snag list is a list of defects found in a building after its completion. The snagging list is created by a building inspection expert who finds and reports the issues to the property owner.
The property owner is responsible for conducting property snagging before selling the property. Land Sterling offers property snagging services to property owners in KSA, along with property handover management.
Typically, a handover document includes details regarding the day-to-day operations in a building, a list of everyday activities, and details regarding the important legal documents for the property.
The cost for snagging & handover management is specific for every project. It depends on factors such as the property type, and the overall services that you require throughout the snagging & handover management process.
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