Property Management Services for Education Sector in KSA

The education sector is a touchy field involving people’s lives. The choice of property to purchase and develop is the foundation of an efficient educational institution. You can be spoilt for choice when selecting a real estate consultant, but these are the reasons why we are the ideal property manager for you.

Education Sector Real Estate Investment Advisory

At Land Sterling, we conduct intensive research on the value and state of your investment to ascertain that it is the right one for you. We also scout for alternative investments that are more financially secure than the other. We look out for your interest and put you out of the way of bad real estate. 

Why Choose Our Services?

In our pursuit of success for your investment, we offer:

Custom Real Estate Solutions

We recognise that not every solution fits every real estate situation. Our team of experienced surveyors, managers, and consultants develop unique action plans that suit your specific targets. We also offer legal aid to support our strategies and mitigate any risks on educational real estate.

CIOB & RICS Compliant Services

We strive to provide quality consultancy services regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the Chartered Institute of Building. These are globally influential bodies in real estate, so you can be assured you’ll get top-notch services.

13+ Years of Industry Experience

At Land Sterling, we have 13 years of expert real estate consulting. We have overseen over 10,000 projects, from purchasing land to completing property development. Don’t believe us? Check out our “Testimonials” page to see how happy our clients have been with our investment advisory services.

Best Real Estate Consultancy for Education Sector in KSA

At Land Sterling, we pledge to prioritise your educational real estate to make them cornerstones of society. Reach out to us to get a quote for the best real estate consultancy for the education sector in KSA.


In the education sector, real estate consulting means getting advice from a professional when trying to buy or build properties for educational purposes. We facilitate investment optimisation to help you select prime property. An accredited real estate manager protects you from the risks of purchasing a property.

You get an expert inspection of properties. We help identify structural issues that could cost you more in maintenance later on. We also provide research on competitive pricing. We look at multiple properties for you, even ones exclusive in the consultancy community, to match you with the best price.

Additionally, we provide insight into real estate trends. We have inside knowledge of property trends and will suitably advise which investments will yield more returns. You also receive legal support. We will link you to top-rated legal practitioners that will break down contracts and settle future disputes.

Property managers oversee the daily operations of your educational facilities. They uphold structural standards by supervising maintenance and repairs. Their existence allows the institutions to focus on their core service; to provide premium education.
Broker fees in KSA are affordable. Typically, broker fees are 2% of the property’s purchase price. The services provided by our real estate consultants are at competitive rates for the first-class quality they deliver.

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