Real Estate Consultancy for Healthcare Sector in KSA

Land Sterling is a long-standing real estate consultancy firm that has worked in the healthcare sector. Healthcare in the UAE provides a vital service to its citizens. With the rapid increase in the population, healthcare facilities handle more workloads than ever. These amenities must collaborate with facility management firms to ease this workload.

What Sets Us Apart

We stand out among other real estate firms because of our diligence and the quality of our work. In addition, we also have:

Industry Experience

We have over 12 years of experience under our belt. Our team includes experts with over a century of accumulated knowledge on real estate. Their knowledge enables us to craft action plans and solutions geared towards efficiency and effectiveness. Our conduct is duly regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors. 

Expert Consultancy

We offer real estate expertise in regions such as the Middle East, North Africa, and Europe. With research-based advice, we help our clients make informed ownership decisions, reduce risk, and ensure profits.

10,000+ Projects Completed

We have overseen the completion of over 10,000 projects valued at over 200 billion AED. Our dedication to being at the forefront of the real estate field has earned us recognition from the Real Estate Regulatory Agency and the big four auditing firms in the Middle East. 

Our Healthcare Solutions Include

Property management, where we supervise the conduct of hospital contracts and dealings. As part of this service, we offer tenancy screening, rent collection, and legal matters. 

Soft services supervision, where we oversee the non-essential operations in hospitals. We facilitate waste management, security, landscaping, and pest control. 

Facility management, where we care for the physical state of hospital premises. Maintenance requests, inspections, vendor management, and utility payment are services we include.

Expert Real Estate Consultancy & Property Management for Healthcare Sector in KSA

Our prowess in real estate is widely acknowledged. Trust us to deliver quality. Contact us today for a quote on expert healthcare facility management services


There are 250 public hospitals in the KSA, and a total of over 450. The Ministry of Health manages the healthcare sector in the KSA. Many medical providers from all over the world come to work in KSA and contribute to its efficiency. Since 85% of the population comprises expatriates, private medical amenities prevail.
It is worth more than $4.63 billion annually and includes 75 insurance companies. These companies offer more than 12,000 insurance policies with various benefits. It is a worldwide medical healthcare hub projected to contribute 6% of the country’s GDP by 2026.
The costs of our healthcare solutions vary depending on your individual needs. Different services involve different resources to implement. We will give you a precise quote that balances affordability and premium quality during a consultation.
Healthcare facility management entails overseeing and maintaining the operations of healthcare facilities. Streamlining healthcare activities allows for swift work turnover. It also saves you time and money on planning and execution.

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