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Land Sterling is your number one asset register compilation & creation consultancy company in KSA. We have a staff of experts passionate about asset registers and will help you create an asset compilation that your business can use.

What is An Asset Register?

An asset register is a thorough record of all firm assets. It comprises of information about assets such as location, condition, and ownership.

Benefits of Keeping an Asset Register for Businesses

Although creating and maintaining an extensive asset register daily may appear to be a lot of administrative work, it may significantly influence a company’s bottom line. 

According to the United Kingdom’s Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO), an accurate asset register may enhance firm revenue and cash flow by roughly 5-18%.  Below are some benefits of keeping an asset register for business:

  • All asset data is entirely transparent
  • Keeps all assets in line with statutory requirements
  • Provides a thorough audit trail
  • Aids in the tracking and identification of assets
  • Enables you to compute depreciation
  • Estimate costs for maintenance and repair

Who Requires an Asset Register?

Every small business owner requires a strong asset management system to keep track of their physical assets. Businesses may maintain track of the worth of their properties by storing all asset information in one easy location. Other persons, who require an asset register include:

  • Association of Owners and Community Managers
  • Facilities Management Companies
  • Accounting Specialists
  • Maintenance Workers
  • Managers of Assets
  • All businesses

Why Create an Asset Register?

Creating an asset register compilation is essential for any business owner. A good asset management system may help you manage considerable expenditures in numerous ways. 

The asset register can input information about the asset’s maintenance schedule into an asset management system. It allows the organisation to plan for replacements and serves as documentation for insurance claims and auditors.

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Professional Asset Register Compilation and Creation

At Land Sterling, we assist our clients in creating and maintaining a professional asset register compilation. We also perform physical verification exercises on existing assets and categorise them for easier identification and reconciliation with the balance sheet.

Contact us today to book an appointment with our team of qualified and experienced professionals.


An asset register and compilation typically contains a unique identifier code, asset name, overview, purchase and capitalisation dates, acquisition cost, department, cost centre, residual value, and asset life and devaluation rule.
IASME Governance states each asset must have an “asset owner.” Usually, this is the person using the asset, such as the Head of Department or the Chief Information Officer.
A fixed Asset Schedule is a comprehensive list of all fixed assets owned by a company. This is essential for reconciling your balance sheet and for a bookkeeper to prepare year-end taxes or if you want to market your assets.
Asset owners invest in the capital entrusted to them to increase the long-term purchasing power of their shareholders.

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