Asset Register Reconciliation in KSA

Land Sterling is one of the best property management companies that offer leading industrial consultancies in KSA. Our team of professionals can assist you in your asset reconciliation process, removing all the hard work so you can focus on creating more profits. 

The major goal of asset register conciliation is to increase a company’s overall security, consistency, speed, services, and customer satisfaction. You can trust us to push you a step closer to achieving all of your company’s goals.

What is Asset Register Reconciliation?

Asset register reconciliation is the process of thoroughly examining assets through a vigorous asset reconciliation and verification process. This process can be done with either an in-house or external audit.

If you are looking for reliable and efficient asset register reconciliation consultancy services, outsource the task to Land Sterling.

What Sets Us Apart 

Land Sterling is a premier provider of asset reconciliation services in the Middle East, North Africa & Europe, and across the globe. We can help you with all of your asset reconciliation and management needs. 

We provide a comprehensive range of asset reconciliation services, including location auditing, quantity, condition surveying, devaluation, and maintenance of your assets, allowing you to gain better control over them and manage them more effectively.

13+ Years of Industry Experience

Our industrial consultants team consists of licensed chartered surveyors with more than 13 years of industry expertise in offering successful real estate solutions. Our staff possesses the knowledge and skills required for competent construction and facility advice.

10,000+ Project Completed

Land Sterling has completed over 10,000 projects over the years.

Consequently, we are better equipped to deal with external audits and compliance-related services.

CIOB & RICS Compliance Service

The Chartered Institute of Building (CIOB)and the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS) have joined forces to physically map the significance of Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) against the backdrop of the land, building, and real estate sector to assist promote the industry’s role. You can be confident in our consultancy services that comply with the CIOB and RICS terms.

Expert Asset Register Reconciliation

If you need expert asset register reconciliation services to help you control, track, and manage your assets, otherwise referred to as PP&E (property, plant, and equipment,) turn to Land Sterling today.

Accurate Asset Register Reconciliation Services in KSA

Accurate asset register reconciliation is the process of harmonizing an asset’s physical and financial values. This contributes to financial report accuracy and compliance with auditing criteria. You can ensure a seamless procedure and precise findings by partnering with a professional company like Land Sterling.

Contact Land Sterling today for a free quote for all our accurate asset register reconciliation services.


Asset reconciliation is a statement that displays a list of book value, credits, and debits to fixed asset accounts and cumulative depreciation.
There are plenty of reasons that may cause asset registers not to reconcile with non-current assets. Some of these reasons include; Obsolete assets, not registering new assets, not registering new improvements and an error in asset registration.
An asset register’s goal is to provide businesses with information on the status, procurement date, location, value, inflation, and the current value of every asset
A fixed asset register is essential for organizations because it helps them to track the book value of assets hence maintaining transparent asset data.

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