Asset Valuation Services in KSA

Land Sterling offers professional asset valuation services across all industry sectors in KSA. We conduct a thorough analysis of available assets to determine their current value. We take into account factors essential for asset valuation to give you an accurate estimate of the market value for the assets that you own.

Our property management experts assist in determining the right value for industry assets for financial reporting and insurance purposes to give industrial consultancy. This also helps industry owners keep track of the current market value and condition of their assets at all times. 

What is Asset Valuation and Why Is It Important?

Asset valuation refers to determining the market value for assets that a business owns. The assets may include buildings, fleets, specific industry equipment, stocks, and shares. 

Asset valuation helps business owners learn about the current market value for the assets currently in use. This valuation helps when it comes to buying or selling company assets. 

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified financial valuation experts and industry consultants who are great at determining the value of an asset as per its current condition and the market pricing trends. 

Benefits of Asset Valuation 

Industry owners need asset valuation services when it comes to planning the asset buying or selling strategy. Along with that, asset valuation is also compulsory for applying for a loan for your industrial operations. This process is essential for financial reporting purposes as well as for getting an insurance plan. 

Our Asset Valuation Services include:

  • Car Valuations
  • LTV & HTV Valuations
  • Construction Vehicle Valuations
  • Truck & Trailer Valuations
  • Logistics Related Vehicle Valuations

Purpose of Valuation:

  • Acquisitions & Disposals
  • Bank Finance
  • Company Accounts/ Financial Reporting
  • Corporate Insolvency & Liquidations
  • Insurance
  • Legal Disputes
  • Market valuations/assessments
  • Mergers & Demergers

Service Delivery Process

Client Valuation Instruction

Your request for a valuation is treated with all the attention and urgency it deserves and sets the tone of the valuation process.

Field Survey / Inspection

On-site data collection and recording of valuation data. It involves asset identification and determining their physical condition.

Valuation Analysis & Reporting

Collation of attributes affecting the value of the assets and preparation of the draft report.

Final Valuation Report

Involves consultative meetings with the client and the production of the final report.

Professional Asset Valuation Services in KSA

Land Sterling provides professional asset valuation services in KSA to assist businesses in learning about the true value of their assets. We conduct thorough research of all the business assets to create a detailed valuation report that you can use as per your requirements. Our asset valuation services are backed by the latest market research and pricing trends. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our asset valuation services in KSA.


Valuation of assets refers to finding the estimated value for an asset for auditing purposes.
Some important factors that need to consider for the valuation of assets include the physical state of the asset, market pricing trends, associated risks, and the future profit potential of the asset.
Asset valuation helps businesses learn about the value of the assets that they own. The valuation report proves to be helpful when it comes to buying or selling an asset. Along with that, the valuation report is also sometimes required by financial intuitions when you apply for a loan.
The cost of asset valuation services depends on the difficulty of the valuation project. You can contact Land Sterling to get a free quote for your specific asset valuation project.

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