Built-to-Suit Structuring Consultancy Services in KSA

Built-to-suit structuring is ideal for corporate occupiers who want to create a space that is built according to their specifications. The built-to-suit model is great for creating operation-oriented structures in a facility that help optimize productivity and efficiency. 

Land Sterling offers expert built-to-suit structuring advice to corporate entities in KSA to create demand-driven residential and commercial structures. We help identify and inspect the important factors that property owners need to consider before implementing a build-to-suit model.  

What is Built-to-Suit Structuring?

Built-to-suit structuring refers to developing custom-building structures that facilitate operational efficiency for corporate occupiers. The idea behind such structures is to help businesses run their business operations smoothly, with the minimum wastage of resources. 

A built-to-suit structure is a custom environment catering to the operational needs of businesses and corporations. Land Sterling has an extensive experience in offering advice for built-to-suit structuring that makes it easier for businesses to meet their goals.   

Benefits of Built-to-Suit Structuring

The primary idea behind building a built-to-suit structure is to create a custom environment that is ideal for running specific business operations. It involves building structures as per the specifications provided by the client. 

The transaction for built-to-suit structures is kept off the balance sheet which is another benefit for corporate occupiers. Land Sterling handles the built-to-suit structuring projects on the client’s behalf to ensure that they get the right deliverables upon the completion of the project. 

We use a demand-driven approach when recommending built-to-suit structuring models for businesses. Our investment due diligence ensures that we stay goal-oriented when coming up with design solutions to help businesses build something that stands out while delivering maximum efficiency.

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Built-to-Suit Structuring for Residential & Commercial Real Estate in KSA

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-accredited real estate solutions experts who specialise in designing ideal built-to-suit structures for corporates as well as residential spaces. Our structures are sustainable, enhance corporate productivity, and increase the long-term gains for our clients. We create a comprehensive plan of action for the built-to-suit structuring project that you can implement to take the operational efficiency of your business to the next level.


BTS stands for the build to suit in real estate. It involves building a custom structure as per the requirements of the client. Building a BTS structure requires thorough planning so it can take much longer than building a standard commercial or residential structure.

A BTS warehouse is a build-to-suit warehouse that is designed as per the specifications provided by the client. In the case of a lessor and a lessee, a BTS warehouse would be a design that both parties agree on during the development phase of the warehouse.

The cost of built-to-suit consultancy depends on the scope of the project. The complexity of the project affects the cost as coming up with an ideal BTS structure requires extensive planning and strategic expertise.

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