Fundraising & Debt Equity Services in KSA

Land Sterling offers advisory services for fundraising and Debt Equity financing in KSA. Our services are aimed towards assisting clients on raising capital in debt markets of Saudi Arabia. 

We have a team of RICS-certified financial advisors and finance lending experts with over a decade of practical experience in KSA’s real estate market. We offer services to investors looking to elevate their current capital structure, along with helping clients with their capital restructuring needs. 

Raising capital for real estate investments can be quite a challenging endeavour. Land Sterling aspires to make the journey easier for property investors by offering expert advice and insights into KSA’s debt markets.

Fundraising & Debt Equity

Youcef Betraoui MRICS

CEO & Head of Investment

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What is Debt Financing?

Debt financing is the process of raising capital by selling debt instruments to individuals or institutional investors. It is one of the primary ways to raise debt in the capital market that is sustainable in terms of future applications. 

We have a team of dedicated debt financing experts who look at your investment needs and offer effective advice on raising capital while protecting the interests of clients. 

Why Choose Our Services

13+ Years of Real Estate Experience 

Land Sterling has a team of qualified financial lending advisors with 13+ years of practical experience in the property and debt financing markets in KSA. Our years of experience enable us to offer an unparalleled quality of services that help investors meet their goals.

Debt Sourcing Solutions

Being integrated in KSA’s debt markets for over a decade, we have developed the right connections for debt sourcing options. We find and facilitate the right debt sourcing solutions based on the long-term results that you want with the investment endeavour.

Competent Lending Advisors

Effective Lending advisory is about finding the right solutions that deliver maximum long-term value. Our finance lending advisors are great at what they do. They offer you advice and guidance on the right lending options that you can go for to make the most out of your investments. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our Fundraising and Debt Equity advisory services in KSA.


You can raise money through mortgage loans, private money lenders, real estate crowdfunding, home equity loans, and more. Land Sterling offers the best advice on the right fundraising and debt-equity solutions that deliver excellent long-term value for investors.
Debt servicing refers to the paying of the principal and interest on outstanding debt for a specific period of time.
Debt to equity shows the amount of debt there is in a property in terms of the value of its equity.
Real estate crowdfunding is one of the most effective ways of raising real estate capital and it is fairly liquid. It allows you to pool funds with like-minded investors for funding a real estate project.

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