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Property sales and acquisition processes entail intricate details that need to be considered before the transaction. Due diligence gives investors and sellers confidence regarding their property transaction decision. Land Sterling aspires to facilitate property sales and acquisition for sellers and investors where we handle the most important aspects of the property transition. 

Property sales and acquisition require both parties to conduct thorough due diligence for the most important legal, technical, and regulatory aspects. Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified consultants, auditors, and advisors who manage the entire sales and acquisition process on the client’s behalf.

Property Sales and Acquisition

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CEO & Head of Investment

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Sales & Acquisition Due Diligence

Due diligence processes carry enormous importance when it comes to buying or selling a property. Intensive initial due diligence for investment decisions helps uncover information that might not be visible when you get into a deal for a property transaction. 

Land Sterling understands the importance of sales and acquisition due diligence. We look at all the important aspects of selling or buying a property so that you don’t miss out on important details regarding the real estate investment decision.  

Why Choose Our Services?

RICS-Certified Experts

Our RICS-certified experts ensure that you get a fair deal when selling or acquiring real estate. We conduct a thorough property analysis for due diligence purposes. Our team handles the sales and acquisition nuances for you to assist you in getting the best value for your investment. 

13+ Years of Industry Experience

Being involved in KSA’s real estate market for 13+ years, we have the right tools, technologies, and experience to many any sales and acquisition process successful. We follow a well-established approach to measuring the quality of the deal to protect the interests of our clients.  

Due Diligence

We handle the physical, financial, legal, and regulatory due diligence processes on our client’s behalf to ensure that they are getting what they agreed upon when finalising the deal.

Professional Sales & Acquisition Advisory & Management Services

Land Sterling specialises in offering expert advice to property buyers and sellers in terms of sales and acquisition decisions. We follow a strict checklist for sales and acquisition to verify the deliverables of the property transaction. Our services aimed to protect the interests of property owners and sellers looking to make a property transaction deal in KSA. 

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A property acquisition specialist is an individual who performs research and due diligence procedures for real estate transactions.
The primary role of a real estate acquisition manager is to manage the entire real estate acquisition process on the behalf of their clients. This includes identifying, evaluating, and negotiating real estate acquisitions that reflect the interests of their clients.
Some of the most well-known modes of acquisition of property include possession, prescription, agreement, and inheritance.
The costs for sale and acquisition management for real estate depend on the complexity of the project. It depends on the due diligence difficulties and the overall scope of services as requested by the client.

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