Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) & Sukuk Consultancy in KSA

Land Sterling offers Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and Sukuk advisory services to property investors to help create a steady income stream. We collaborate with REIT companies in KSA to offer real estate investors a safer and more reliable way of obtaining income from a property without owning it. 

Being a part of KSA’s real estate industry for 13+ years, Land Sterling has cultivated collaborative connections with the most trusted REIT services in Saudi Arabia. Our consultants offer advice to risk-averse investors looking to generate a steady income stream through real estate investments, without the need for owning a property.

Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and Sukuk

Youcef Betraoui MRICS

CEO & Head of Investment

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Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and Sukuk Connect

What are REITs?

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are companies that own, operate, or finance income-generating properties. REITs are modelled after mutual funds. Many REITs are Sharia’a-Compliant and they typically offer high dividend yields and the opportunity for long-term asset growth that reflects the real estate market.

Once you own the shares, the real estate owned by the REIT comes under the ownership of the investor. REITs are great for beginner investors and for people who prefer to stay away from risks while making real estate investments. 

What is Sukuk?

A Sukuk is a bond-like financial instrument that is primarily used in Islamic Banking in KSA. A Sukuk is a sharia-compliant financial instrument that enables an investor to gain partial ownership of an issuer’s assets until the Sukuk matures. Sukuk is derived from the Sukuk-al-Murabaha transaction financial structure. 

Land Sterling offers Sukuk advisory services and technical due diligence services to investors to ensure that they make the right investments that deliver positive long-term gains.  

Professional Real estate Investment Trust (REITs) and Sukuk Advisory in KSA

If you are new to REITs and Sukuk, Land Sterling is here to guide you through the process of investing in REITs and Sukuk. We have a team of investment advisory experts with an extensive experience in KSA’s real estate market. Our experts offer research-backed advice for investing in REITs to help you make informed decisions regarding the investment. We consider the investment requirements and specifications gathered from the client to deliver results that meet the client’s expectations.

Get in touch with Land Sterling to get a free quote for our REITs and Sukuk advisory services in KSA.


REITs create a guarantee for generating steady dividends for investors. They are reliable investments for people who want to reduce property investment portfolio risks and increase returns.
Sukuk offers the facility to comply with sharia while boosting the standard of living for real estate sectors in the Islamic community. Also, the value of the Sukuk increases according to the assets that back the Sukuk certificate.
Beginners can invest in REITs by purchasing shares in a REIT that is listed on the local stock exchanges. Land Sterling offers guidance to beginner REIT investors to help make the process easier.
REITs provide investors with a regular income stream and long-term capital appreciation. Along with that, they also help investors diversify their property investment portfolio.

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Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs) and Sukuk

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