Commercial Project Management Services in KSA

Land Sterling offers commercial project management and cost consultancy services to ensure the smooth completion of the project. Our commercial services experts offer valuable insights into commercial projects through their extensive experience in KSA’s commercial real estate market. 

The primary objective of our commercial consultancy services is to protect the interests of our clients. We conduct a thorough feasibility analysis of the commercial project in terms of development costs and project viability. We offer recommendations after conducting intensive research to make sure your commercial investment brings in the results you want in the long run. 

Accurate Commercial Project Cost Consultancy

We offer robust commercial guidance right from the outset, from initial planning to the implementation of the commercial project. We determine project costs and manage them on your behalf to reduce unnecessary expenses. 

We use internationally recognised standards such as POMI and NRM for managing costs. Our experts understand the importance of cost consultancy and the value that it brings to the table for commercial projects. Our services can help cut down on long-term project development costs for commercial sectors in KSA. 

Importance of Commercial Project Management

Commercial project management focuses on streamlining the entire lifecycle of the project. It includes developing a roadmap for the project along with managing all aspects related to commercial project management such as identifying cost-saving opportunities, drafting contracts, overseeing project development, and more. 

Land Sterling has a team of qualified project managers who handle commercial services on the client’s behalf. Our services ensure that the commercial project that you are working on complies with the legal laws and real estate regulations.  

Our Services Include

  • Budget and Feasibility Analysis
  • Contract Drafting
  • Design & Procurement
  • Claims & Dispute Resolution
  • Construction Phase
  • Project Auditing Services

Professional Commercial Services for Streamlining Project Development

Land Sterling is a top-rated real estate solutions company in Saudi Arabia with extensive expertise in handling commercial real estate projects. We conduct a thorough analysis of the proposed commercial project to come up with the best possible course of action for project completion. Our services include project cost consulting to ensure that you get the project deliverables in a timely manner while staying within the budget. Our team of experienced consultants will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive cost management plan that takes into account all aspects of the project, from initial estimates to final delivery.

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The main duty of a commercial project manager is to ensure that the client gets the deliverables as per the specified time and budget guidelines. The manager also has to ensure that the work done meets the highest standards of quality.
Commercial project management costs depend on the nature of the commercial project and the scope of services required by the client. The more complex a product is, the more would be the costs associated with it because of raised management difficulty.
Commercial project management takes the pressure off the shoulders of clients. They can sit back and relax while the project manager takes care of the entire project development process for them.

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