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Land Sterling is a long-standing real estate consultancy firm that offers a wide array of management services. Among them are soft service supervision and property management. We take care of non-essential facility activities to ensure employees focus on providing superb service to customers. We ease the burden of outsourcing to independent contractors by consolidating all soft services under one roof. 

What Are Soft Services in a Facility?

Soft services are operations that don’t constitute the core functions of a facility. They change every day and exist to better the work environment. Soft services are vital because they influence employee and customer retention rates. Land Sterling has skilful soft service supervisors that work tirelessly to maintain sanitary premises.

Soft Services Supervision Includes

Our soft service supervision entails pest control, glass cleaning, landscaping, and security, among others. We keep in line with stipulated health regulations when administering these services to provide a conducive environment for working. 

Services we offer

We support soft services supervision by providing these ideal solutions

Investment advisory 

We evaluate and offer expert investment advisory services that are worth making. We formulate accurate forecasts explaining the probability of real estate generating profits or losses. We also provide alternative financially solid advice using insider knowledge of real estate. 

Property management

This solution oversees the more contractual dealings that keep real estate up and running. It entails tenancy screening, rent agreements, and legal matters.

Project marketing

We have a proficient sales and strategic marketing team capable of initiating and executing excellent marketing campaigns. They strategize their methods to appeal to a target audience and establish a strong market presence to attract prospective buyers.

Soft Services Supervision Experts in KSA

In our 12 years of service, we have offered expert soft service supervision geared towards managing the premises of many facilities. We have gained insight into methods that work to satisfy workers and customers all together.

We equip our soft service providers with up-to-date knowledge on changing soft service practices to ensure you get the best from us. 

We follow ethics regulated by the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors and the International Valuation Standards Council. We also adhere to the ISO 9001, 14001, and 18001 guidelines to secure the quality of the work we deliver.

We  are the best property management company In Saudi Arabia Contact us today for a free quote on our soft services supervision.


Soft services examples include pest control, landscaping, waste management, security, and cleaning. Control of these aspects in a facility provides comfort for employees and customers.
Soft service management oversees activities that improve the facility’s environment. These activities include cleaning, landscaping, security, and waste management. Since these tasks are not essential, facilities outsource them to soft service supervision firms such as Land Sterling. Outsourcing allows them to focus on their core tasks.
The costs differ because of the vast array of soft services we can oversee. We can provide any combination of soft services you would like. We consider the size of the facility and the scope of service you want us to provide. A one-on-one consultation will help us give you a precise quote

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