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Land Sterling is KSA’s top-rated real estate market leader with expertise in commercial property valuations. Our property valuation services cover the entire commercial real estate sector including offices, retail, education, healthcare, logistics, and more. 

Land Sterling has a team of professional chartered surveyors and valuation experts who analyze the real estate market trends for accurate property valuations. Our valuation process includes a thorough inspection of the property to ensure that you get the right value for your real estate.

Get Accurate Commercial Property Valuations

Accurate commercial property valuations are essential if you wish to get a fair deal for your real estate. Land Sterling uses the latest valuation approaches based on international standards to ensure that the value that you get works the best for you in every way. 

We analyze the condition of the commercial property as well as the current market trends in Saudi Arabia to determine the right value for your property. You can use our commercial property valuation report as a guide for making the right call when finalizing a real estate deal.

Commercial Property Valuation

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Why Choose Our Commercial Property Valuation Services?

RICS-Certified Valuation Experts

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified, competent valuation experts who specialize in conducting property inspections and valuations. Our goal is to make the process of property simple and hassle-free for our clients. 

TAQEEM Accredited Property Valuation

Land Sterling takes pride in being one of the few TAQEEM-licened real estate valuation companies in KSA. Our qualified professionals have undergone the specialized training to aquire the TAQEEM license which speaks for the reliability of our valuations. 

Property Inspections

We conduct a thorough property inspection to help sellers learn about the current physical state of their property. Our commercial property inspections guide sellers towards taking the right steps to ensure that they get the maximum value for their property as per market standards. 

Experience & Expertise 

We have 13+ experience in conducting property valuations for the commercial sector. Our property valuation services deliver accurate results in record time. Our experience and expertise in KSA’s real estate market are what sets us apart from the crowd. 

Professional Commercial Property Valuations in KSA

Our commercial property valuation and residential property valuation experts have the combined technical and practical expertise to determine the right value for every commercial real estate. We use a holistic approach to analyzing the condition of property along with other market factors that affect property valuation. After extensive research, we create real estate valuation estimates and reports that represent your interests. 

Contact Land Sterling right now to get a free quote for our commercial property valuation services in KSA.


Some of the most common approaches for determining the value of commercial property include income capitalization rate, comparable sales, summation/cost, and hypothetical development.
The cost for commercial property valuation depends on the asset category and the scope of the valuation project.
The income approach is the most common valuation approach for commercial real estate. This process includes the calculation of the amount of money a commercial real estate has the potential to generate in the future.

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