Best Residential Real Estate Investment Advisory in KSA

Land Sterling is one of KSA’s best residential real estate investment advisers. The Residential Valuation team is available to offer quality residential services across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond. We delight in providing quality and competent services and are tied to experience and excellence. We aim to build trust with every piece of information we give and the service we offer, as all our solution packages align with the best practices and international standards.

Complete Real Estate Management Services

At Land Sterling, we understand that managing your residentials requires skilful stewardship. We ensure that your space is what you are looking for and that tenant relationship are trustworthy. By partnering with Land Sterling KSA, we guarantee you high-class experienced advisors in real estate who will always be hands-on with the needs of your residential properties. Our core goal is to see you maximize value while retaining your clients longer as you also focus on your other businesses.

Why Choose Our Residential Real Estate Consultancy in KSA?

We keep you and your properties at the top of our business. We delight in proper client service management to ensure you can trust us with managing your residentials. Here are more reasons why you need to choose Land Sterling.

Market Experience

Our availability across the Middle East, North Africa, and beyond puts us ahead of market knowledge. We understand your residential needs, and our experts can best advise on the best management practices, given the location of your properties.

Latest Real Estate Research & Trends

We are up to date with the latest real estate trends and can help you incorporate them into your properties. For instance, people do not have to travel to the said location of the residentials. We can help you communicate the basics virtually as demand for rental properties continues to decline. We at Land Sterling ensure that your properties are among the preferred residentials for people willing to move into their own houses.

RICS-Certified Experts

Our members are all RICS certified. We understand how much your residential properties mean to you. Our experts have all received a mark of excellence in their practice, making them known to the public. We ensure mandatory certifications to ensure outstanding skill levels, experience, and expertise when handling your properties.

Custom Real Estate Solutions

Our custom real estate solutions come in handy. Our experts at Land Sterling will help you buy or sell your home within the shortest possible time.

Our Services Include

Besides residential valuation services, we have other services that we offer, which include but are not limited to;

Property Valuations

At Land Sterling, we delight in offering world-class services in the real estate industry in Dubai. We have, since our start, put our best foot forward, ensuring all our clients make the best possible decisions based on a foundation of knowledge.

Building & Facilities Consultancy

We have trained our Dubai real estate consultants whose skills align with the international property assessment standards. Clients in Dubai, the UAE, and the Middle East benefit from the best practices in their buildings and facilities.

Investment Advisory

Land Sterling has partnered with corporates such as SEDCO Capital, Al Rajhi Capital, Reit, and ENBD, among others, ensuring stakeholders get sustainable value.

Project Management & Cost Consultancy

We offer project management and cost consultancy services in line with the rigorous CIOB and RICS standards across many sectors. Quality assurance processes are all tackled by a team of accredited and qualified professionals.

Strategic Consultancy

We have a seasoned strategic consulting team offering sound advice on construction, financial, planning and development with a core goal of delivering professional services.

Industrial Consultancy

Our industrial consultancy services rely on three main things; competence, experience, and excellence. We endeavour to offer professionalism and ensure that our clients’ advice is accurate and accountable.

Best Residential Real Estate Consultancy in KSA

Land Sterling residential valuation stands out when it comes to expertise. We have a name in the market for handling our services with professionalism and attention to detail. We ensure that every one of our team members goes through training and gets a service accreditation. This allows us to offer the best possible services and long-term results.

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Residential property management entails operating, controlling, and overseeing rental housing. The service simplifies your landlordship while increasing your rental income.
Qualified real estate consultants have extensive market knowledge. With this knowledge, the consultant can quote realistic property prices to both buyers and sellers. He also has the market trends at his fingertips and listings of homes available in the neighbourhood you have an interest in.
Having a residential property manager minimizes the risk of landing into potential lawsuits. The residential property manager can screen tenants, complete property inspections, and handle tenant evictions.
Agents may request a flat rate or operate on an off-tiered commission. The costs also include marketing, legal, and maintenance costs and, as such, differ from one consultancy to another.

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