Expert Highest and Best Use Studies in KSA

Land Sterling offers expert strategic consulting and highest and best-use studies for a property to determine its long-term viability for real estate investors based on an intensive study of its physical, financial, and legal conditions. The Highest & Best Use Study is an essential tool for strategic consulting to assist in determining the most profitable usage of a property.

Our highest and best use studies in KSA are for real estate owners who want to optimise the usage of their property in terms of operational efficiency. Our services are equally valuable for investors planning on buying real estate in Saudi Arabia.  

What is the Highest and Best Use Study for Real Estate?

The highest and best use studies for real estate is the process that helps determine the rationally probable and legal usage of a property that is physically possible, financially feasible, and legally permissible. 

The tests for the highest and best use studies for real estate help determine whether the property would be a good long-term investment or not. It is a holistic process that is all about researching the scenarios for the optimal usage of a property. 

Comprehensive Highest & Best Use Studies in KSA

Land Sterling offers the highest and best use studies for a wide range of development lands to identify the best usage for a property based on physical variability and financial feasibility. Our services include analysing the site, conducting a thorough economic and demographic analysis, market research, pricing trends, and demand forecasting. 

Need strategic consultancy from Land Sterling?

The insights gathered from the comprehensive highest and best use studies enable us to outline optimal component mix in terms of area allocations, financial assumptions, and project financial statements for different use cases.

Highest and Best Use Studies Professionals in KSA

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified research experts who are great at conducting the highest and best use studies for real estate in Saudi Arabia. We create a complete highest and best use study report for our clients based on the insights gathered in the research phase. Our research provides real estate owners and investors with useful information regarding the highest and best use studies that they can act on guide their real estate decisions. 

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The four tests for highest and best use studies include physically possible, financially feasible, legally permissible, and maximally productive.
The first step is to determine whether it is physically possible to use the real estate in a certain way. Our experts at Land Sterling use the latest physical possibility tests to figure it out for you.
It helps figure out the best possible usage for real estate in terms of profit margins.
Land Sterling can help you find the best use of real estate based on detailed highest and best use studies done for your property.

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