Real Estate Lease Advisory Services in KSA

Land Sterling is one of the most trusted real estate lease advisory services in KSA offering expert lease advice to real estate owners and tenants to facilitate the establishment of a lease agreement between all parties involves while protecting client interests. 

We specialise in lease advisory services including lease structuring, lease renewals, and rent reviews. Our lease advisory services help property owners maximise annual rent. For tenants, we offer the services to find the right location for setting up business operations and we negotiate the leasing terms on their behalf. 

Why Choose Our Lease Advisory Services?

We offer comprehensive lease advisory services to residential, commercial, industrial, retail, and office real estate. We ensure that the real estate properties are well-managed and that the rent is negotiated and collected in the right way. 

We help our clients with lease restructuring if both parties want to change the lease agreement to add or remove agreed-upon clauses. We help redefine a lease agreement as per the client’s specifications. 

Our services also include rent review advisory where we help property owners learn about the latest renting trends in the local market. We help landlords maximise the achievable rent range. 

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13+ Years of Industry Experience

Land Sterling is one of the most renowned names in KSA’s real estate market with expertise in lease advisory. Being a part of KSA’s real estate industry for over a decade, we have garnered a reputation for being thorough and diligent with our services. 

RICS-Certified Consultants

Our team consists of RICS-certified lease advisory consultants who are great at handling lease advisory and management-related tasks. We help our clients navigate the leasing agreement challenges by providing them with real-time, actionable insights reflecting their interests.

Professional Lease Advisory Consultancy in KSA

Land Sterling is the top choice for lease advisory services in KSA thanks to our extensive experience in the field. We have helped all of our clients through various leasing troubles with 100% success. We offer comprehensive lease advisory services to ensure that our clients achieve their goals with minimum risk. 

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Lease advisory services help you navigate challenges associated with researching, negotiating, and drafting a lease agreement. These services protect your interests while handling leasing agreements on your behalf.
The cost of leasing advisory services depends on the nature of the leasing service required by the client. For example, the price for leasing advisory for lease agreements would be different from rent reviews and leasing exit services.
The 3 main types of leasing include finance leasing, operating leases, and contract hire.
The primary difference between rent and lease is the time that they cover. For example, a rental agreement covers a shorter amount of time, generally around 30 days. A leasing contract lasts for much longer, usually around 12 months. Although it can be as little as 6 months as well.

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