Expert Techno-Economic Viability Studies in KSA

Land Sterling is KSA’s trusted real estate solutions company with extensive experience in conducting techno-economic viability studies for real estate investment and development decisions. 

We have a team of qualified researchers and subject matter experts who analyse the technical feasibility and the financial viability of a real estate project to ensure that it is capable of delivering long-term results.

We provide strategic consultancy services by analyzing factors including technical risks, financial game plan, and regulatory guidelines to determine the technical and economic viability of a project. Based on the information gathered in the research phase, we offer recommendations regarding the future of the project.

What is a Techno-Economic Viability Study and Why Is It Important?

Techno-Economic Viability Studies or the TEV in short is the process of conducting an analysis of the technical and financial viability of a real estate project. The analysis helps determine whether it would be a good idea to pursue a real estate project, or not. 

The technical aspects of the viability study involve the assessment of the current state of a real estate development project to determine whether the proposed development solution is technically possible to implement. 

The financial viability includes the assessment of the future cash flow, ROI, and financial projections regarding real estate investment. 

RICS-Certified Team for Techno-Economic Viability Studies

Land Sterling has a team of RICS-certified experts who are great at conducting techno-economic viability studies for real estate investments. Our team consists of experienced researchers and financial advisors who are great at what they do. 

Our services  are aimed at helping clients learn about the viability of real estate investment and development decisions. We conduct a thorough real estate economic and demographic study to determine the feasibility of the proposed project. Learn more about our  strategy consulting services

Contact Us for Techno-Economic Viability Study & Analysis

Our experts at Land Sterling specialise in conducting techno-economic viability studies based on market trends and consumer behaviour. We come up with valuable insights gathered through rigorous research to ensure that you have all the information you need before starting a real estate project. Our research enables you to get started with a real estate project with complete peace of mind. 

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The purpose of this study is to determine the technical feasibility and the financial viability of a real estate investment or development project.
The economic viability analysis of a real estate project is used to determine if the economic benefits of the proposed project exceed the economic costs associated with it.
You can ensure economic viability by first determining whether the project you want to work on is viable or not. Our experts at Land Sterling can help you learn about the economic viability of a project along with offering you recommendations to improve the odds in your favour.

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