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Land Sterling takes pride in its reputation for providing top-notch asset disposal services. Our team of experts can remove fixed assets from a company’s records by selling them or replacing them with new ones. 

Approximately 85% of the waste generated by industries, such as healthcare waste, is general, non-hazardous waste. This is per statistics from the World Health Organization (WHO). 

Due to this, our property management expert team has years of experience in industrial consultancy to ensure that we guide you on how to dispose of your assets in the most environmentally friendly manner. Additionally, we shall assist in pointing you to the best consideration points for transactions.

What Does Asset Disposal Mean?

Asset disposal is the removal of an asset from a company’s records, usually through the sale or replacement of the asset. These are frequently long-term assets contributing to profit generation, such as industrial equipment, technology, or company cars. 

Companies need to be able to track disposal since most assets represent a significant capital investment. Consequently, understanding the cost of asset disposal can assist a company in maintaining accurate financial records.

Our Services Include

  • Dedicated Account Manager
  • Country-wide Collection Coverage 
  • Data Destruction Certificate Itemized
  • Cutting-Edge Processing Center
  • Reliable Chain of Custody
  • Completely Insured Service
  • ISO 9001, 14001, and 27001 certifications

Best Asset Disposal Services in KSA

Land Sterling provides the most secure and safe asset disposal services in KSA. Companies and industries have widely adopted our on-site data handling and destruction. 

Get in touch with us today and allow us to assist you in setting the best values for asset disposal.


You can always sell your old units at an auction, try to sell your equipment yourself, or have some machinery dealers who will gladly accept your old unit as a trade-in. Lastly, If you’re fortunate enough, you might find a dealer who offers consignment.
You can dispose of an asset if it has been fully depreciated, if it is sold or if the asset must be excluded from the books due to unexpected circumstances such as theft.
A fixed asset disposal has an immediate impact on the company’s financial statements. This means that the removal of a capital asset directly impacts the balance sheet. Additionally, whether a business sells assets for a profit or a loss, the results must be disclosed on the income statement.
A company may sell an asset for income if the proceeds are used to purchase another asset or if it gets income from the sale of an asset.
IT asset disposal services can help with hardware rationalization, return management, and repair management. The user will be able to make the most of their equipment during its latter stages of operation while also knowing they are saving a lot of money. When users dispose of their assets, they may do so with confidence knowing that their data is safe.

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