Best Asset Verification Services in KSA

At Land Sterling, our expert property management and field engineers collaborates with our clients to define the primary objectives and needs. Hence we assist in building a focused solution aligned with organizational goals making us the best asset verification company in KSA.

What is Asset Verification?

Asset verification is the validation of assets on a financial document by auditors who confirm the accuracy and fullness of data. This verification process is important and necessary to ensure that the asset is appropriately documented and valued.

However, companies must establish the organizational tiers at which information is to be acquired depending on the company’s scope, organizational strategy, and maintenance plan approach. This guarantees a balance between the workload and the data capture value.

Benefits of Our Asset Verification Services 

Land Sterling’s industrial consultant experts specialized data capture solutions have advanced field functionalities such as geospatial mapping, EAM / CMMS integration, and offline operation that not only improve transparency and reduce execution time but also increase the value proposition for our clients.

Informed Decision-Making

Properly validated data can help you make sound decisions, ensuring that you take the appropriate precautions to protect your assets.

Accurate Information Gathering

Equipped with the latest asset verification technology, our team of experts can gather accurate and comprehensive data to help you streamline your processes and improve your company’s asset traceability. 

RICS-Certified Asset Verification Experts

We also offer industrial consultancy and RICS-certified asset verification consultancy services, ensuring that your data is of the highest quality. Our certified professionals follow the RICS standards to ensure that you get accurate insights about your assets for current usage or future reference. 

Benefits of Asset Verification

  • Consistent monitoring of asset performance
  • Saves time allowing efficient execution of tasks and projects
  • Prevention of accounting scandals associated with lost or stolen assets
  • Accurate financial and tax reporting
  • Convenient monitoring of physical and virtual assets
  • Efficient management of assets in your supply chain
  • Efficient resource allocation for your business

Asset Verification Experts in KSA

Over the years, Land Sterling has served prominent organizations in KSA with its asset verification expertise. We are a team of RICS-certified chartered surveyors with 13 plus of experience in conducting asset verification services in the KSA real estate market. 

Contact us Today for an informed consultation to ensure the smooth running of your business and protect your assets.


The goal of asset verification is to assess internal control. When there is good internal control, corporate management is more efficient.
Verification confirms the existence and ownership of assets, whereas valuation confirms the accurate value of an asset.
Any moveable or immovable property of a company or individual can be physically verified as assets.
Legal and official documentation on assets is reviewed to validate asset ownership. This then determines if the assets are free of any lien and stands as evidence of correct asset valuation.

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